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Kato's Nursery : 1956

5713 Freeport Blvd (South end of the Lanai Shopping Center)

Demolished pre-2007

Original concrete pad exists as of 3/2016. Appears to have been painted red with redwood forming

Proprietors: Tak R and Taro W Kato

On File : [ Reel 31, Frame 672 - 679 ]

aerial from 1957
via Digital Globe, circa 2011
research credit: Gretchen Steinberg
Kato Says:

March 18, 1966 from the Sacramento Bee

Kato's in the Blomberg Center, 1952

January 26, 1952 from the Sacramento Bee. Kato's used to be located in the main Blomberg Building Center before moving into their own building in 1957.

Tak R Kato (r) in 1962
concrete pad 03/2016
concrete pad 03/2016
concrete pad 03/2016
concrete pad 03/2016